Saturday, October 25, 2008


Fall has been absolutely stunning up here... for all that I keep hearing that it will be brief (I am told that Halloween is the usual time for snow...) you couldn't have asked for nicer fall weather.

At the river with Papa

Fall has been excellent for many reasons... the gorgeous colours, the kids starting school again and enjoying it so much (the schools really are awesome), the kids loving the sports programs they are in, I got to go back to the Island for a whirlwind girly weekend which was sooo much fun, we had both my parents and Hubby's parents up for great visits, both Hubby and I had our birthdays... all in all Fall has been very full and busy and fun.

Allan scoring a goal at soccer! (he is Blue jersey #1)

So now we have been up North here for spring, summer and fall... only one season left... and its a big one!

Maria in Can-Skate and doing great... she can skate forwards, backwards and even do tiny jumps!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

And So It Begins...

There hasn't been much "blogging" going on around here due to all the usual excuses (busy, away, company here, busy, busy , computer issues...) But today marked a new milestone for us up here, so there is no excuse... We put on the snowtires.

I wonder if people hibernate up here?