Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Grand Adventure on Charlie Lake!

So we gave up on Cecil Lake... Hubby has heard rumour that it is a swampy thing but I spoke to a friend of mine who said she and her family looked for it and never found it either... perhaps the people of Cecil Lake like to keep to themselves...

Anyway, we decided to take our little boat out on Charlie Lake instead. Charlie Lake is about 10 - 15 minutes away, a big lake, easy to find... but I wouldn't want to swim in it. Charlie Lake is icky... green floaty things are all through it as well as a lot of fish and ducks, but it is fairly big and has good fishing, lots of boating and (again!) easy to find!

Allan's usual spot

So we take the boat to the lake, hubby inflates it (a Zodiac type boat) and we put in with the electric motor. We had a very nice time putting around checking out the waterfront properties, looking for places to visit from shore, enjoying the views... The canola is all in bloom so there are huge expanses of yellow patchwork, it is really quite beautiful... although I haven't got a picture to show it well.
A strange hollow in the rocks... if this was a Rorschach test what would you see?

Anyway we cross the lake to check out some neat rock formations and start back when Hubby mentions that the motor is having trouble finding its gear. I assume he means we are running out of battery and tell him to point us for the dock then but we keep putting along slowly and keep getting closer to the shore. Eventually I realize that by "having trouble finding gears" means the motor is barely working... so eventually hubby sets to on the oars and I use the motor as back up for him. It is working a smidge but with almost no strength, it can find 1st gear and 2nd is weaker than 1st... 3rd and 4th are gone... and of course it is windy, it is always windy, but the wind is blowing the wrong way for us.
We get to the dock and hubby decided he should get out with the kids and I should take the boat to the ramp because "he can catch the front of the boat better than I can" (Meanwhile I am thinking that I caught the front of the boat every other time we went out in the boat...) Anyway I limp the boat over to the ramp, painfully slowly and the once empty ramp is now full of people putting their boats in... great. I am getting there but I could seriously swim and pull the boat faster but I am not getting in that yucky water! So I get within feet of the ramp and of course a big gust of wind pushes the boat and I try to correct with the broken motor and it does nothing so now I am drifting towards the other boat at the ramp but I am withing 2 feet of the shore and there is hubby standing there just watching... well he is also scowling at me mouthing at me to do something . Apparently he doesn't understand that to catch a boat you have to put your feet IN the water and CATCH it. I stick the oar out to try and stop bumping into the other boat and manage to stop getting any closer but I am still not getting any further either... thank goodness a woman from the other boat realizes that sometimes you are in the water and she nicely pushes the boat over to our ramp. Eventually hubby catches the boat, once he can reach it without touching the water, I hop out slightly P.O.'d and take the kids over to the park (so I can calm down) and hubby put the boat away and this is the first time that "event" has been mentioned since!Damn Man... good thing he is cute...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We want neighbours, we just don't want to see them...

So, one of the things we aren't crazy about with our house is the lack of privacy. Our yard here in FSJ is considerably smaller than our yard in Ladysmith and we are mostly ok with that (especially when it comes time to mow). The one thing we are not so good with is the low fence in the back yard so that we have to look at our neighbours if we are all out in the backyard... Although for those of you who recall our backyard in Ladysmith, it is not as bad as having "Tom" looking down on it!

The fence is a nasty chain-link thing which we will get rid of, but probably not until next year as there are other things we have to figure out first (one of which is how to tell the neighbours that we are going to take down the chain link and put up wood!) . So the one thing we wanted to do this year was make the deck better. We have a really nice sized deck, but again it had no privacy... So we took down the benches that ran the edges of the deck and put privacy panels up on the one side, pushed the hot-tub over to the other side of the deck and got a natural gas BBQ that plugs into the house and fits into the corner and now we have a lovely deck. We are not quite finished as we have to take down a few more benches and put up one more panel (we think) but the bulk of the work is done and it is soooo nice... for the first time ummmm ever(!) we are actually eating outside! Maybe I need a outdoor table & chair set... hmmm.

This is the only "before" picture I can find... see how much it sucks with all that white stuff on it!

This is after... much better, not white and much better! Just don't mention the shaggy lawn, we were busy building up the deck!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I've Got a Peaceful, Easy Feeling...

The Beautiful Peace River Canyon...

Well, July is coming near its end and so far... we have been having a lovely summer. I can't say whether it is the result of Hubby having so much time off (with his schedule it feels like he is never at work!) or if it is because for the first time in a long time we haven't had to worry if his job is secure, or because we have more money in savings... but we are really having fun and relaxing.

The other day we were speculating, as we always do, about some "what if" scenario's and for the first time our automatic response wasn't "move back to the Island". It took me for a surprise actually because I wasn't aware that I felt that way... Hubby's job is so good, our house is great - not perfect but just fine, the kids are doing great and their schools are awesome, we are making friends and exploring and there is so much to see and do that I am not ready to leave at this point... Really.

Now if we were to win the lottery and be billionaires or something I would probably change my mind, but the fact is that Hubby's job is really good and I am really enjoying spending time with him again... although ask me again in the middle of winter!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It Has Been a While...

Well, June finally finished with Hubby working from the 3rd of June until the 1st of July and after that we all needed some time... and we have had it. We have been up to a whole lot of not much besides puttering around the house (a new house still has a list a mile long of things that need doing) and playing.

We have found some people that we have started becoming friends with and phoning for get-togethers the kids did swimming lessons, we had some friends come to town and stay with us for a while... we haven't done much more exploring as there still hasn't been much time but all in all, life is good.

On a side note... last night while I was up with one of my kids at 3am I looked outside (as I seem to always do) and there was red sky from the sun coming up and red sky where the sun goes down... it was quite cool... but I must say it took me a while to decide that the sunset side was NOT a forest fire... it was late - what can I say!?!

Canada Day Fun!
We went to the parade, went to the park and checked out the car show and all the kids stuff going on, then we had my brother-in-law and his family over for dinner... we had a lot of fun.