Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ob La Di...

Life goes on and I don't post on here because I am busy... but I have had a nag, nagging at me to post on here so here I am!!

We have had a fabulous, beautiful fall... but now it is over and winter is here. Did you see that, I skipped right past fall, apparently it is easy to do up here because sometimes it goes straight from summer to winter, but this year we were lucky enough to have about 6 weeks of lovely fall. The weather was gorgeous, although cooler than on the coast. The trees were brilliantly yellow, and we had very little rain. On Friday, though, it started to snow... and it snowed a bit and then stopped and looked like it would melt, but no. Then Saturday and Sunday it snowed and we wound up with about 6 inches or more of heavy, wet snow... which has actually been a bit of a treat for the kids because we rarely get wet snow up here so they could actually build snowmen! Normally they can't because the snow is normally like flour up here, it is dry and light and fluffy and you can not make it stick together.

So the snow tires are now on and the yard has been cleared for winter... it is supposed to be a nasty one! They are calling it La Nina but I read an article saying that the North Atlantic Current (part of the Gulf Stream) dissolved following the oil spill this summer, which meant that we were going to have some extremely cold temperatures this year... either way, brr!

My school is going well, it has turned out to be a lot more work than I expected and not as easy as I was anticipating. Apparently I have an ego and it is fairly large. This course has knocked it down to size... a little bit. I am doing well, my small assignments have all received good marks so far (with one exception, I got one c+, which was my ego corrector). I have only had one of my larger assignments graded so far, I got an A- which I was happy with but Maria thought that was rather disappointing! The part I am really enjoying is the research. Our largest project which is due at the end of the term is a research essay and I am doing mine on the environmental impacts of dams... A topic I am very interested in as I have never been too happy with the idea of the Site C Dam that they are planning to build up here. My research has been fascinating and the library resources that the college has up here are awesome, but I am more opposed to the dam than I was before. I had no idea of the impact of the dams and the state of our fresh water systems worldwide... it is truly frightening.

Anyway, enough babbling from me. I am all over the place here, but as I said... someone was nagging me to write on here, now he can stop for a few days!