Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We have been having a wonderful winter... this year has had its cold spells, for certain, but over-all has been much milder and therefore we have been getting out in it! We have been out pulling the kids in the tube behind the quad, in our alley behind the house and out on some trails. We have been out tobogganing of course, and some friends took us snowmobiling on Charlie Lake where we also got to go tubing behind those machines and go ice fishing, while having a campfire, hot chocolate and marshmallows! Michael went to Tumbler Ridge and went snowmobiling up the mountains there, and had a fabulous time and the kids and I went to the High on Ice Festival again this year which was awesome. (and will get it's own post when I get the pictures onto the computer!)

We have seen many, many deer. In fact they come to our yard every night and see what they might find to eat... we have also seen quite a few moose, including some just in the park next to our house! We have also manged to see the Northern Lights several times.

All in all we have been having a wonderful winter, and now we just have to live through about 4 more months of it!! We are planning our escape from winter during spring break though when we will head back down to the Island for Allan's annual cardio check-up... Hope to see everyone then!