Sunday, August 30, 2009


I haven't been posting on here at all for a while, I had come to a cross-road with this site. When I started this blog it was about moving. First the decision to move and then the preparation for the move, the move itself and then for our transition into our new home and town. But a year passed and I wasn't getting any "inspiration" to write... we had explored our area and come to accept it as home, and home wasn't what this blog was about.

However, lately I have been thinking "oh, that would be a good story" again, so perhaps this blog isn't quite done yet. I expect the posts will still be sporadic, but hopefully I will feel inspired to share them.

My push to write today is that last night, hubby was taking the dog out before we went to bed and he came in quite quickly and called for me to come out. We finally got to see the northern lights. They weren't really bright, they were quite dim actually, but we still got to see them and that was something we have been anticipating since we moved up here. So he went and woke up Maria, because I had promised her that if ever I see them I would get her up... apparently they weren't as exciting as she was expecting (they actually dimmed down even more while she was watching) because she soon asked to go back to sleep, but she saw them!

So, we have had another milestone for us up here and I expect there will be others for me to write about as well.