Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sandals and Snow

Spring is definitely upon us here... about two months earlier than last year, although there is still a very good chance that we will see snow again before summer arrives, it isn't likely to last.

I have flowers blooming (and yet unidentified - I need to download the pics from my camera) and tulips, iris' and dahlias coming. My trees are budding and my grass is growing! Today we are expected to reach 24 degrees, and it is beautiful outside! While dropping the kids off at school the people are all in the mood for warm weather... shorts and t-shirts and sandals on almost everyone... including me. Yet, I still have snow in my back yard! Only a little bit, the remainder of the snow-slide Hubby built for the kids and it is in the shade... but it seems strange to be wearing sandals and to be able to kick snow!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


We are home after a rather long time away. It was spring break and therefore time for my son's annual check-up with his doctor in Victoria. We take advantage of the fact that we will be on the Island to visit with all the people that we love and miss during the rest of the year. This year we were there even longer than planned as hubbies grand-father passed away just before spring break so we went down early for the funeral as well.

It is almost shocking, going down to the Coast and the Island now. It is so moist and so very green... almost suffocatingly so at times. The damp is everywhere and I never noticed it at all for the first 34 years of my life! It is beautiful and stunning to look at, but also rotten and decaying at the same time... The rain that used to seem so normal is now overwhelming and seemingly, constant. It is not home, anymore. It makes me sad to admit that, and I do know that if we were to move back I would soon adjust, but it is true. I have grown out of the bonds that held me to the coast.

I still love the ocean and the gardens and the green... I love the clean. Everything is scrubbed clean down there by the frequent rain, unlike the dust and dirt that coat everything up here. More than anything though, I miss the people that I love, both family and friends. However, I am not yearning to move back, as I once was.

Now we are settled, happy where we are. My kids have so many friends and such a fabulous school. The town seems to be getting smaller to me, which I assume means that I am now part of it... I can barely go downtown these days without stopping and chatting with someone I know. Not to mention the wonderful job that hubby has, which allows him to be home enjoying his family more than any other job I have ever heard of. The big sky is fascinating and full of beauty, the rivers we still have to explore... The fossils that seem to be all over, if you have the patience to look for them and the wildlife that is everywhere.

Yet we are not certain that we will remain here forever either... I think the one thing we are certain of, is that we are uncertain what our future holds. There is something exciting about that... so many options and possibilities it is up to us to find the path which is right for us.