Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sun is Following Me

I think I like it that way!

We had an amazing time in Mexico... The weather wasn't hot, but it was hot enough... particularly for those of us coming from -30! We left for Mexico after a weekend birthday party for Maria, followed by an overnight stay with Nana & Grandad (with another party for Maria!) Our flight from Vancouver to Cancun left late in the afternoon so we finally arrived at our hotel in the middle of the night. They had put out sandwiches and bottles of water in our room for us to eat on our arrival, which was great for the kids as they were very hungry and thirsty at this point so by the time we got to sleep it was after 3am... we were very tired to say the least!

The tired family... we just arrived in Akumal!

It was about almost 6am when I heard a noise I couldn't identify... a very loud noise. Michael and I both heard this noise and since we were half delirious from being so tired it took a while to identify this sound as birds. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you have to hear these birds - I have never heard anything like it. This is not a beautiful, peaceful, lilting bird song... as Maria put it "WHY ARE THE BIRDS YELLING AT EACH OTHER?!?!" and yes, she yelled that so that I could hear her over the sound of the birds yelling! I hope that the link works... my camera makes large files so it might be too big...

We have a lot of other stories from our vacation, but that is enough for now... We are happy to be home, the kids seem rejuvenated and excited to be doing the day to day activities again. I am also glad that the weather has warmed up a fair bit and we have been having beautiful sunny days... sun is good.