Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Frost...

I think it may actually be called Hoar Frost, but that might be something completely different. We had really thick fog last night and this morning we went outside to beautiful weather, cold (about -15 so not too cold) and clear and the antenna on my van was over an inch around with frost. The weeping birch trees around town look amazingly cool with this thick white coating all over them, but it is too chilly for my camera to go for a walk, so the pictures are just from my yard but even the chain link looks pretty...

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Pet Peeve...

I despise pushing the shopping buggies through the parking lots in winter. Between the rocks that jam into the little tires and make them stop and the snow which make the wheels stick... I really, really don't like it. (grumble, grumble, grumble...)

That was my whine for the day, which is otherwise a good day. So pretty minor in the whole scheme of things! Except that someone should really come over and put away my groceries, as I seem to be playing on the computer instead.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sugar Snow

I was having a conversation with Hubby's Mom the other day and she asked if we had a lot of snow, since she had heard we had been having a fair bit recently. After telling her we only have an inch or two, I realized that is slightly misleading... Our snow is not like the snow on the Coast and Island. Our snow is so fine, it is a powder. It is easier to sweep it away, than to shovel it. You can blow on it, and you get a big cloud of it in the air. Each little snowflake is about the size of a sugar crystal, so when we have an inch or two - that is actually quite an accumulation. All those little crystals of snow have filled in every nook and cranny to build up those two inches.

This is in comparison to on the Coast where the snow is more like cornflakes (or bigger). Two inches of cornflakes build up much faster than two inches of sugar... and the Island now has about a foot of snow, (I heard). Where we have an inch or two... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Third Time's the Charm...

Twice so far this year, we have had snow. And twice so far this year, I thought "that's it, winter is here." And twice so far, I have been wrong! As a result we have had a fabulously long fall, very mild temperatures and overall beautiful weather... until now. This week, it got cold! Minus 18 kind of cold, but with a windchill to make it much colder! Then yesterday it started to snow, the powder fine, sparkly snow that sounds like corn starch. This kind of snow doesn't build up very much because it is so fine; my grass is white, but I can still see bits of grass poking through. I had to shovel the driveway, but it wasn't hard to do. (Although my legs were stinging from the cold when I got in!) Today is another beautiful day, the sun is making the snow twinkle and shine... but it is cold. I think when I say that "winter is here to stay", I will be right this time. And considering that the Santa Claus Parade is tomorrow, winter was right on time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Shoot!

So the family and I decided that it was time we had a family photo done, considering it has been a few years since we last did one. The problem is... I am kind of cheap and self-conscious so the idea of paying someone to come and take pictures of us, really weirds me out. I was planning to do it at home, we have a pretty good camera and a lovely house... what more do we need? Well, the thing is that we have been having the most amazing fall ever. We are now mid-November and I still have grass.
So hubby suggested that we take the photos outside somewhere, I assumed the park by our house but he had other ideas.

He had seen three moose, that morning, out at an area of town known as Frozen John and thought it would make a cool backdrop to have some moose behind us... I wasn't too sure about this idea after hearing how mean moose are, but why not! So we took our tired and cranky kids

(and selves) to Frozen John for a photo shoot. It was fun! The moose were still there, but they left when they realized we were coming to town

but a deer came boinging through the background as I was getting ready to take another shot.

I am now regretting that we didn't do this last month when the fall colours were out, but I still think that for our first official photo shoot, with a tri-pod even, turned out pretty good.

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Saints Day

I am pretty sure that All Saints Day is the day after Halloween? This was our third halloween up here; the first year we had rain, last year we had snow, and this year it was... DRY! No snow, no rain, not even very cold! Maria wore her little mime slippers and just a sweater, Allan only had on his turtleneck shirt and cape... not a parka in sight!

It goes to show you (me) that just as soon as you think you have figured out the weather, it will surprise you since this was how it looked last week! Hello Chinook, I think I love you!