Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just like that...

...although spring up here is different from spring on the coast, all of a sudden I can feel that spring has begun. It is still white, everywhere you look, and we had snow last weekend; but it has warmed up and as soon as it hit -8, the roads turned slushy and you could start to see pavement. By the time it reached -2 the roads were all either slushy or just wet, depending on how much traffic drives on them. By +4 there were some dry, bare roads; some that were under a lot of water and my road, which hasn't seen a plow for quite some time, which is just messy.

So apparently spring up here is a matter of road conditions instead of garden growth - but I'll take it! It was warm! Warm enough to be outside in my shoes and sweater instead of boots and a parka! Warm enough to go outside and feel the sunshine; instead of having to feel the sun through the window. I am certain we will have some winter-like weather still; but spring has started, now it is a matter of weeks instead of months

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anytime now...

Ok, enough already. It is time for spring to be a visible thing on the horizon at least... but there isn't a sign of her. March has been the worst part of the winter; colder, snowier... and we are only a little way into it! February gave us melting snow and little peeps of the spring to come, but March has stomped all over that spring and buried it in my yard... under the snow. I never thought I would look forward to having the mud that is everywhere during spring, but I REALLY miss that mud. Sigh... enough of my pity party. Even I am sick of hearing me complain about the cold and snow.

Hubby is thrilled with our extended winter. He took up snowmobiling this year - and after deciding the snowmobile that he chose the first time was wrong for him, he is now on machine number 2 and is eager to take it out and use it as much as he can before spring... Judging by my yard, I think he will have plenty of time to use it.

Maria is very excited to have more snow, that kid LOVES snow. She often says she feels sorry for the kids on the Coast who don't get much snow. Allan just goes along with whatever Maria says, but his patience with the snow is waning too.

Ah well, this coming up week our temperature is supposed to get warmer... at least warm enough to be outside comfortably, even if more snow is going to fall... let's hope they are right this time!