Wednesday, February 1, 2012


There was a fall here - actually a beautiful one - but life went by so fast that I completely missed writing during it. So now we are in the middle of what is turning out to be a very strange winter. Shh, don't say it too loud... but we have not been the cold and frozen North this year! It has actually been unseasonably warm, we had one really cold stretch for about 4 days and other than that it has been between +5 and -9 it seems. It has also been a lot cloudier and we have received very little snow, compared to normal. I am not certain what this will mean for the long term, but for the short term everyone up here is enjoying the warmer temperatures. Well, everyone except for Hubby. He was really missing the snow... we didn't have enough to go snowmobiling until recently.

Apparently though, one of the ski hills that is nearest us (up here something that is near is within a days drive, this particular hill is about 2.5 - 3 hours away) has the most snow of any ski hill in North America (as of the other day anyway). So we are planning to head up there soon and try out snowboarding. The kids are very excited to try snowboarding - I am a little uncertain! I was never a very good skier, I don't see that I will be any good at snowboarding - but I will give it a shot!

Other than that, winter has been a flurry of activities with the kids sports (basketball and speed-skating, currently), school, birthdays (Maria is TEN!!), the High on Ice Festival (was fabulous but the sculptures are all melted already!), and life in general. Life is good.

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Coast to North said...

Edit to correct!! Apparently Powder King Ski hill had the most snow in the past 7 days (166cm) they are 2nd after Mt Baker for total snow on the mountain... just to be clear!